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Competence in Rubber

As an international distributor dedicated to the rubber industry, we distribute high performance polymers, technical elastomers, silicone rubber compounds and additives. Technology-based consulting and innovative customer solutions form the focus of our business activities. 

Our portfolio consists of synthetic rubbers, reinforcing materials (carbon black), additives (e.g. antioxidants, accelerators, flame retardants and metal oxides) along with customised silicone rubber compounds. When it comes to faultless surfaces, the optimisation of mechanical properties as well as temperature and media stability, we are the right partner for you.

Our portfolio

Our Products

The World of Synthetic Rubbers

Our extensive range offers a wide choice, from standard polymers (BR, NBR, SBR) through technical polymers (EPDM, BIIR, CIIR, IIR, CSM, CPE) to high-performance polymers (FFKM, FKM, HNBR). We can recommend the most suitable polymer based on the application and requirements. The selection depends on excellent mechanical properties and the desired temperature and media stability, as well as many other criteria. 

Reinforcing materials – the black filler 

Furnace carbon blacks are some of the most commonly used carbon blacks in the rubber processing industry. We supply reinforcing and semi-reinforcing furnace carbon blacks, conductive carbon blacks and PAH-free carbon blacks. 

Additives - the Essential Ingredients

The term ‘additives’ covers the wide range of products that enhance the properties and production process of your product. Our portfolio includes anti-ageing agents, accelerators, batch-off release agents, co-crosslinking agents, (synergistic) flame retardants, foaming agents and processing aids. Rubber additives are the essential ingredient for the rubber processing industry. They are an extremely important part of high-quality rubber mixtures in terms of homogeneous distribution, crosslinking and interaction with fillers in the rubber matrix.

Silicone Rubber Compounds - from Basic to Tailor-Made

In addition to the popular silicone elastomers HCR (High Consistency Rubber), LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), RTV Moldmaking (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) and FSR (Fluorosilicone Rubber), we produce own customised silicone rubber compounds based on your requirements. We also supply colour master batches, heat stabilisers, flame retardants and crosslinking agents for a high-quality end product.

Our Suppliers

Our Team

We are experts in rubber with many years of expertise, passion and commitment. Together we make sure to offer you the best solutions.

Sascha Hennig

General Manager


Franziska Toedter

Rubber Additives
Sustainability Specialist


Alexander Kling

Synthetic Rubber


Lennart Kalytta

Performance Polymers (EP(D)M, Butyl Rubber), Reinforcing Materials (Carbon Black)


Simone Marquardt

Silicone Rubber


Jörn Thomsen

Specialty Polymers


Usoa Gomez

Synthetic Rubber


Dominic Hahn

Release Agents


Annika Gossel

Quality Manager
Teamlead Supply Chain


Sergey Abramkin

Blowing Agents