Sucrose with functional additives

Product description

Quality system based on IPEC-PQG GMP for pharmaceutical excipients


- Solid dosage forms, direct compression, wet and dry granulation, capsules, powders and sugar spheres

- Liquid dosage forms, syrups, solutions, suspensions, dry syrups

Tradename Chemical Description Grade
Alveosucre Fine Grains with Dextrin Agglomerated sucrose + Dextrin USP/NF Compressible Sugar
Icing sugar with starch Milled sucrose + starch USP/NF Confectioner’s Sugar
Icing sugar with silica Milled sucrose + silica Components according to EP monographs


Tereos Sucres

Country availability

Austria Germany
Monja Lampert

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Monja Lampert

Product Manager

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BSC Pharma Portfolio 2022
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