PBT - Polybutylene Terephthalate (Orel®)


Product description

The product family of Tynex® from Celanese-Filaments has been offering a reliable and high-performance portfolio in the field of artificial polymer filaments for more than 70 years. The base of these filaments is mainly made of PA 6.12 or PBT.

In comparison to other polyamides or polyesters, Tynex®-filaments have a higher bending resistance, lower water absorption, higher stiffness in humid conditions and a lower density. Tynex®-filaments are primarily used in the cosmetics-, oral care-, paintbrush- and abrasive industry. Therefore, applications including filaments are suitable for mascara brushes, powder brushes, brushes for applying nail polish, toothbrushes and interdental brushes, filaments for paintbrushes or in technical, abrasive applications for processing of various material surfaces. A variety of filament shapes are available, e.g. round, hollow, rectangular, diamond-shaped, textured filaments and others. In addition, filament thickness and lengths can be selected within a wide range according to individual requirements.

A variety of Tynex®-filaments from the segments of cosmetics- and toothbrush filaments is in accordance with the EU- guideline 10/2011 and the FDA-food contact directive CFR 177.1500. Additionally, the Tynex®-RS product family offers sustainable alternatives that contains renewable resources between 65 % and 100 %. The base of these materials are PA 10.10 and PA 6.10. Castor oil is used as renewable resource that does not compete with the food value chain.





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