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Talk about varnishes, paints and coatings in general, and it soon becomes clear that we really need to be more specific. After all, a huge number of the things that surround us every day are coated in some form or another, so, depending on the application in question, we can distinguish between architectural paints, wood varnishes, printing inks, overprint varnishes, plastic coatings, anti-corrosion products, automotive paints or powder coatings.

Each  application is subject to different internal trends, so requirements are not the same across the board. Developers and manufacturers are always working to resolve regulatory issues (avoidance of solvents, substitution of critical raw materials), improve properties (resistance, anti-corrosion protection), simplify processing (shorter cycles, universal products) or improve aesthetic properties.

Biesterfeld has a specialist sales team represented all over Europe, is able to offer technical consulting services and enjoys a close working relationship with market-leading suppliers, making it the perfect development partner to the paint and varnish industry. Our portfolio of additives includes:

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