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Personal Care

Questa pagina contiene informazioni aggiornate sui nostri prodotti e novità per il settore del Personal Care.

Offriamo un'ampia gamma di materie prime per tutti gli ambiti della cosmesi, quali:

  • Cura della pelle
  • Cura dei capelli
  • Make-up
  • Solari
  • Igiene personale
  • Deodoranti
  • Fragranze

Siamo in grado di sviluppare formulazioni innovative e grazie al nostro team tecnico-commerciale vi supportiamo nelle scelta dei prodotti più adatti alle vostre esigenze.

Per ulteriori informazioni potete scaricare il nostro portafoglio prodotti o cliccare sul link sottostante.

Formulation Kit

The name says it all: our new formulation kit “Happiness in a Box” celebrates life and pampers both mind and body, simply bringing joy and happiness!
With plenty of natural ingredients, the formulations are in line with clean beauty standards and offer solutions for skin, eye and hair care, sun protection and shower gels. 

The relaxing night cream Sleep and Care supports blissful skin overnight and protects the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid from degradation. The innovative light-to-rich transforming emulsion provides skin hydration, radiance and smoothness.
The lifting eye cream Eye Deserve is a luxurious care product for the area around the eyes with energizing properties as well as an anti-dark circles effect.
Cover it Naturally is a weightless natural foundation for a smooth skin feel with a dewy finish. The formula blurs fine lines and pores and provides moisturization adapted to the skin’s needs.
Try out our beautiful set of eye shadows, Burning Passion and Glowing Energy in satin red and matte yellow. Combine both talc- and TiO2-free powders to create the current sunsettrend.
Our sun oil Sunny Side of Life (SPF20) is formulated without octocrylene, making it aquatic-friendly. The transparent oil with its tropical scent absorbs quickly into the skin, while leaving an elegant, non-oily skin feel – perfect for enjoying a happy sunny day.
After a lovely day in the sun, pamper yourself with an invigorating Smoothie Shower with exfoliating effect and a refreshing scent. The mild formula is free from sulfates, PEGs and microplastics and gives a gorgeous skin feel after rinsing.
FoamFIX, our non-aerosol styling foam, is based on a natural styling polymer as well as natural conditioning agents. It provides anti-frizz and hair strengthening effects and a natural hold. The ideal product for the whole family!
Also discover our dry shampoo powder Game Changer in two versions: blond and colourless. The harmonized combination of sebum-absorbing powder ingredients enables you to create the most appropriate hair refresher for your individual hair texture.

You can download the formulations here:

Per maggiori informazioni riguardo le nostre formulazioni o se volete ricevere l’intero kit, contattateci all’indirizzo    beauty[at]biesterfeld[dot]com

I nostri fornitori in Europa*

*La disponibilità dei prodotti può variare in base al Paese. Qualora il prodotto non fosse disponibile nel vostro Paese, saremo lieti di inoltrare la vostra richiesta al produttore di competenza.

Il nostro team

Grazie alla nostra esperienza pluriennale nella vendita delle specialità chimiche, vi supporteremo nella ricerca delle formulazioni più innovative adatte a voi.