Biesterfeld US was established 1981 as an independent corporate subsidiary of Biesterfeld Group for handling specialized business in the USA. Since 1989 the subsidiary focus on marketing Agrochemicals in the Americas.

During the last 27 years Biesterfeld US developed more than 200 agrochemical registrations for the geographic region. Although many of the sources for our registered products are from generic producers, the Biesterfeld values of reliability, good will, and strength are transferred by our expert logistic performance, leverage of our intellectual properties, and supply chain financing.  Providing a reliable and clean table of choices has built meaningful strategic partnerships which are enduring, many 15 years, even 20 years, and more!

Our success in growing relationships into partnerships comes from understanding our clients needs and providing essential services to benefit their bottom line. Our personal rapport with local enterprises keeps us close to information we need to invest in the best strategies for maximizing the Biesterfeld brand of services.  

As regulatory and financial complexities continue to grow, our clients depend on us to adapt and continue offering efficiencies. Biesterfeld US promotes the respected Biesterfeld name as a brand that represents quality, reliability and integrity.


Agro Chemicals:

- Insecticides
- Fungicides
- Herbicides
- Fertilizers


General contact 

Manfred Axer
General Manager

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Phone +1 212 689 05 34


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