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Biesterfeld has started its polymer distribution activity in Turkey in 2004. Since 2008 Biesterfeld also offers specialty chemicals.

The plastics distribution is handled by our subsidiary Biesterfeld Plastik Ticaret A.Ş. The wide product portfolio includes plastics, elastomers and additives for different industries such as automotive, appliances, packaging, energy, electric & electronics.

Our subsidiary Biesterfeld Özel Kimyasallar Ticaret A.Ş. is responsible for the distribution of specialty chemicals for different industries such as cosmetics, cleaning, textile auxiliaries, healthcare, coatings, adhesives and silicone rubber.

Furthermore, Biesterfeld International Kimya Sanayi Ltd. is trading raw materials for veterinary pharmaceuticals (API´s) as well as for human pharmaceuticals since 2012.

Our service proposal for Turkey includes development of specific and value-added solutions for our customers and a wide range of products and advanced technological developments. We offer technical assistance in processing or formulations, and a full and fast delivery program from local stocks.


Innovative solutions for engineering polymers, standard polymers, acrylates, polyesters and styrene copolymers

Specialty Chemicals and Rubbers:
Silicones, emollients, surfactants, adhesives, epoxy resins, topical ingredients, silicone rubber, polymer additives (antioxidants, UV stabilizers), organic synthesis intermediates, preservatives, surfactants, coatings binders, performance additives and rubber

Raw materials for veterinary and human pharmaceuticals



Ekrem Yümlü
General and Sales Manager

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Specialty Chemicals & Rubber

Ahmet Göktan
Managing Director
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Phone +90 216 4890500


Alp Arayici
Managing Director
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Phone +90 216 5101103


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