70 years ago Dr. Cesare Bassignana founded one ot the first plastic compounding company in Italy. In the years and after founding the joint venture with Biesterfeld, the former plastic compounder has developed to one of the biggest distributors of plastics, rubbers and specialty chemicals in Italy.

Read more below about the history of Biesterfeld Polybass und Biesterfeld Poychem.

Today & the future todo

Two synergistic companies with the clear mission to continously provide and offer an higher service level in plastics, specialty chemicals and rubbers.

2018 todo

Biesterfeld Polybass is appointed by ExxonMobil as sole distributor for VISTALON EPDM in Italy confirming their presence in rubber distribution.

2015 todo

Biesterfeld Polychem Srl reaches 10mln of turnover and starts the distribution of Chemtura’s Flame retardant.

2012 todo

Biesterfeld Polychem Srl and Songwon International AG sign an agreement for antioxidant’s distribution in Italy.

2011 todo

Biesterfeld Polychem S.r.l. begins distribution of Dow Corning-Xiameter silicones

2011 todo

Foundation of Biesterfeld Polychem Srl, distributor of specialty chemicals in Italy.

2010 todo

Biesterfeld Polybass Spa starts distribution of "eco" plasticizers for PVC, antimonitrioxide and HALS & UV stabilizers (Tiangang).

2008 todo

Biesterfeld Polybass Spa is appointed as sole distributor for essential ExxonMobil products in Italy.

2004 todo

Distribution of Tarflon polycarbonate of Idemitsu.

2003 todo

Distribution of BP Chemicals’s polypropylene and polystyrene (today: Ineos).

2000 todo

Distribution of raw material of Elastogran (today: BASF Polyurethanes) and LG Chemical.

1998 todo

Biesterfeld Polybass Spa is appointed official distributor by Chi Mei for the Italian market.

1997 todo

Biesterfeld Polybass Spa signs a distribution agreement with DuPont Engineering Polymers for the Italian territory.

1997 todo

Foundation of Biesterfeld Polybass Spa: Joint Venture between Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH and Polybass Srl.

1987 todo

Polybass Srl got DuPont`s official distributor of engineering polymers for Lombardy and Tuscany districts.

1987 todo

Dr. Paola Bassignana, Cesare’s daughter, establishes Polybass Srl - standing for Polymers Bassignana.

1948 todo

Dr. Cesare Bassignana founds one of the first plastics compounding companies in Italy.