Polyamide 6.10 & 10.10 (Zytel®)


Product description

Celanese's polyamide grades are known under the brand names Zytel®, Celanyl®, Minlon®, Frianyl® and Ecomid®. PA6.10, PA10.10 under the brand name Zytel® are long chain polyamide polymers with a repeating unit monomer length containing at least 10 carbon atoms. General properties of Zytel® PA6.10, PA10.10 are flexibility, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stress cracking resistance and a lower permeability to fuels and gases.

The Zytel® RS product family contains 63% to 100% renewable raw materials and includes the entire product range based on PA10.10 and PA6.10. It consists of renewable raw materials derived from sebacic acid, which is extracted from castor oil. Castor oil is one of the most versatile natural products that does not compete with the food value chain.





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