LCPA - Polyamide Multipolymer (Elvamide®)


Product description

Celanese Elvamide® multi-polymers are a family of polyamides that offer excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength and elongation, and great adhesion to nylon yarns.

Elvamide® differs from conventional polymers in its solubility in alcohols, a lower processing temperature and the ability to crosslink with thermoset resin systems. Other advantages include high impact strength, pigment dispersibility, toughness at high and low temperatures and resistance to most oils, solvents and petrols. Like other common polyamides, e.g. Zytel®, Elvamide® can be processed by molding or extrusion.

In addition, the multipolymers can be used individually or modified for special applications by adding additives.

Examples of applications for Elvamide® include the production of pigment concentrations, abrasion-resistant nylon threads, heat-induced film adhesives for fabrics or as coatings for nylon seat belts, fishing nets or tennis racket strings.





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