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On this page you will find a comprehensive portfolio of raw materials for Cleaning, Personal Care, Flavour and Fragrance as well as Lubrication and Coatings. The products offered are distributed through a commercial approach, cross-divisional and complementary with the other specialized departments. We offer semi-specialties that are used in all areas of daily life - products that are indispensable, in short 'essential'. These find application:

  • in hair and skin care
  • as emulsifiers in cosmetics
  • as preservatives in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • in detergents
  • in dental and oral hygiene
  • as lubricants in industrial applications
  • in coatings, paints and varnishes

If you would like more information about our products, please download our product portfolio or click on the link below. Beyond the raw materials listed there, we are happy to search for special solutions and sourcing products for you through our global supplier network.

Our suppliers