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As a thermoplastic elastomer, Hytrel® by Celanese is ideal for a variety of applications as it combines the best out of two polymer worlds: the enormous flexibility of an elastomer with the strength and processability of a thermoplastic.


This product offers outstanding flexibility and flex fatigue in service temperatures of up to -40°C until up to 150°C, depending on the application requirements.

Other properties offered by Hytrel®, which is known by the international acronym TEEE (thermoplastic elastomer ether ester), include good elasticity, excellent resistance to compression set and creep resistance, as well as resistance to swelling in oils and aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons in the medium temperature range.

Hytrel® is a TPE material that differs from elastomers like SEBS, TPO and TPU in many ways and is available in Shore hardnesses of 30 – 82 D. Special properties such as the UV resistance, fire-proofing (HFFR options available!) and temperature resistance of all types can be improved by adding Hytrel® concentrates.


Specific examples of typical applications are sleeves and bellows in the automotive industry or hoses and cable sheaths in the wire and cable sector. Other typical applications are conveyor belts, bedsprings, gears, membranes and films.


Are you searching for an eco-friendly, renewably sourced Hytrel® with a performance that equals those of the standard Hytrel® product family? All grades under the name Hytrel ECO B combine all described characteristics with an improved ecological footprint! Fossil sourced polyether glycols in the soft segments are replaced by renewable polyether glycols made from plant feedstock which is non-food competing and making your polymer biomass-balanced.

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