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Product description

Celanese™ Selar® PA is an amorphous polyamide with very good barrier properties against oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) at both low and high levels of air humidity. This transparent plastic also has excellent optical properties and offers good scratch resistance. The main processing methods used are extrusion coating, extrusion blow-moulding, film blowing and film casting. This leads to a variety of typical applications, including packaging layers, blow-moulded canisters and films for use in the food industry. Selar® is ideal for blending with polyamide 6 to improve oxygen barrier properties for use in flexible films. It also improves the moisture barrier, optical properties as well as toughness of the product. Generally speaking, Selar® helps to lock in the flavour of food and provides increased UV protection. The exact product name is Selar® PA 3426R and it is available in a natural coloured version.





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