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TETRANYL® Products are biodegradable surfactants with anti-static and softening properties. Possible Applications are: Fabric softeners, Hair rinses and shampoos.

Roquat TO90 E is a new-generation and highly concentrated quaternary compound. It provides a soft grip, an antistatic effect and excellent wetting ability. Roquat TO90 E can readily be used at low temperatures. Due to its chemical constitution it can be processed at high concentration without heating and is able to create stable dispersions.

TradenameChemical DescriptionFormActive %
TETRANYL® AO-1 CAR/AOOleic ester quartLiq90
TETRANYL® CO40Oleic ester quartLiq80
TETRANYL® AT-7590Dihydrogenerated Tallowethyl, Ditallowethyl Hydroxyethylmonium MethosulfatePas/Liq90
TETRANYL® L1/90Dihydrogenerated Tallowethyl, Ditallowethyl Hydroxyethylmonium MethosulfatePas/Liq90
TETRANYL® UUndecylenamidopropyltrimoniummethosulfateLiq50
TETRANYL® DM 24Lauryl/MyristyltrialkylammoniummethosulfateLiq50
ROQUAT TO 90 EDioleylester-Quat (IPA)Liq90


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