Welcome at Biesterfeld in France!

Biesterfeld has started its plastics activities in France in 1989. Since 2004 Biesterfeld offers as well specialty chemicals.

The plastics and rubber activities are distributed by the subsidiary Biesterfeld France. The wide product portfolio comprises plastics, rubber, elastomers and additives. The subsidiary Biesterfeld Specialités is responsible for the distribution of specialty chemicals for the industries cosmetics, healthcare, coatings, adhesives, polyurethane, construction, nutrition, electonics and energy. Furthermore Biesterfeld has a production site to develop and manufacture silicone compounds (HCR and FSR) for high value-added applications.

Our proposal for European wide services includes key elements such as:

• Cooperation with the world leaders in the chemical industry
• Development of specific and value-added solutions for our customers
• Wide range of products and advanced technological developments
• Quick deliveries from our local stocks
• Consulting by our sales and technical teams


Plastics & Rubber: Innovative solutions for engineering polymers, standard polymers, acrylates, polyesters and styrene copolymers as well as performance additives and rubber.

Specialty chemicals: Innovative solutions for silicones (health and industrial: fluid HCR-LSR-FSR-LCE-RTV), additives (antioxidant, flame retardants, UV stabilizers), organic synthetics intermediate, preservatives, surfactants, silicone masterbatch, peroxide catalyst.

Pharma & Nutritional supplements: Active ingredients and excipients for veterinary and human pharmaceuticals. Amino acids, vitamins and plant extracts for feed and food industries.

Regional warehouses: Marseille, Le Havre, Dreux, Oyonnax and Paris area as well as access to European warehouses.



Christian Josse
Commercial Director

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Phone +33 1 55 94 08 88



Jean-Pierre Ventura
Business Manager Rubber

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Phone +33 4 72 13 04 51


Specialty Chemicals

Georges Bertagne
Managing Director

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Phone +33 1 55 94 08 89


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