Biesterfeld Nordic AB is a subsidiary of the Biesterfeld Group. With our local sales team we are offering to our customers in Sweden and further Scandinavian countries engineering polymers and commodities as well as elastomers and special additives since 2013.

We have partnerships with some of the world’s largest producers of both commodity and engineering polymers. These partnerships have been developed over many years allowing us to develop and maintain a wide-ranging portfolio of polymer products to service all industries.

With a highly experienced and technical sales team we offer unparalleled levels of service to our customers. With the help of our supply partners, we provide extensive support to meet the needs of our customers.


Plastics & Rubber: Innovative solutions for engineering polymers, standard polymers, acrylates, polyesters and styrene copolymers as well as performance additives and rubber.


Plastics & Rubber 

Eric Lundén
General Director

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VILF annual meeting 2020

05.11. - 06.11.20, Neu-Isenburg, Germany

Plast Eurasia 2020

02.12. - 05.12.20, Istanbul, Turkey

Kunststoffen 2020

02.12.- 03.12.20, Veldhoven, Netherlands

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