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As a family company aware of its responsibilities, Biesterfeld always attaches great importance to the sustainable development of the company and its business activities. A respectful approach to people and the environment is immensely important to us.

For Biesterfeld, operating sustainably means: economic success in perfect harmony with environmental and social aspects. Maintaining a constantly healthy balance based on these three pillars is our objective:

Economic responsibility

  • Responsibility and trust in our global economic operations
  • Intensive, long-term partnerships
  • Most efficient interface between our suppliers and customers
  • Customised product portfolio
  • Competent and motivated employees

Environmental responsibility

  • Safe and efficient handling of our products
  • Conservation of energy, water and other natural resources

Social responsibility

  • Respectful approach to our staff and partners
  • Fair and pleasant working environment
  • Apprenticeships for the next generation along with continuous further training of our staff

Biesterfeld understands sustainability as a continuous process. This is integrated in the corporate culture and is lived out by our staff on a daily basis.

Sustainability Report

In the Sustainability Report, Biesterfeld shows how the company complies with the ten sustainability principles of the agreement concerning human rights, work standards, environmental protection and fight against corruption set out in the UN Global Compact.

For the report, Biesterfeld utilises the internationally recognised guidelines of the independent Global Reporting Initiative, which also certifies the report. This consequently ensures that the values and measures are set out comprehensively. The report is also standardised – so that the values of the individual companies with regard to sustainability are transparent and comparable.

The report on sustainability is also sustainable at Biesterfeld: The typeface and illustrations in the PDF have been designed specially for reading on a screen. That saves the need for printing out, thereby saving paper.