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Exter, Bouillon, HVP, Flavors

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We offer savory taste profiles like spices, meat, fish, chicken, vegetable and umami. Products are produced in an authentic cooking process similar to the roasting in the oven at home.

Flavors are GMO-free, halal certified, vegetarian, natural. These flavors are also available as kosher certified, vegan, without flavor enhancers, allergen-free and clean label.

Spices and flavors from Exter can be used in many savory products, for instance in spice blends, sauces, soups, meat, snacks and convenience food.

TradenameDescription & ApplicationProducer
HVP BouillonLiquid and powder bouillon with authentic taste profileExter
Savory meat flavorDifferent meat tastes (chicken, beef, white meat) with cooked, roasted and bacon notesExter
Vegetable flavorAuthentic vegetable and mushroom flavorExter
Seafood & fish flavorExter uses traditional preparation methods to create savory ingredients with a typical fish tasteExter




Exter, Bouillon, HVP, Flavors

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