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Surfynol®, Airase®

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Among the names Surfynol® and Airase® EVONIK carries a wide range of defoamers and deaerators for aqueous systems. Depending on the demands on the additive in the final formulation (shear stability, long term stability, compatibility, surface quality) the right additives can be found to address micro and macrofoam.

The products range from defoamers based on organic oil and silicone, via siloxane based deaerators, right down to the unique molecular defoamers.

One highlight is a range of products called Airase® SSDL (Structured Siloxanes Defoamer Line). These are seven well-matched siloxane defoamers - a kit that makes it easy for users to find the right defoamer for their demand.

Fields of application are for example automotive coatings, wood coatings, emulsion paints, printing inks, adhesives and cleaners.

Product Type Description
Surfynol® AD01 Molecular A 100% active molecular defoamer and nonionic wetting agent
Surfynol® MD-20 Molecular A nonionic organic defoamer and deaerator
Surfynol® DF-110 Molecular A powerful, siloxane-free, acetylenic diol based defoamer. Available in different carrier solvents
Surfynol® DF-178 Siloxane / molecular A formulated siloxane based defoamer and deaerator
Airase® 5700 SSDL Formulated for the incorporation in let-downs. It has the best compatibility in the SSDL range
Airase® 5600 SSDL For the incorporation in let-downs. Excellent balance of effective defoaming and film compatibility
Airase® 5500 SSDL Can be incorporated in the grind or be used as a let-down defoamer
Airase® 5400 SSDL Is designed for applications where strong defoaming is required. Better compatibility than Airase® 5300
Airase® 5300 SSDL Is designed for applications where strong defoaming is required (e.g. high pigment content)
Airase® 5200 SSDL Provides excellent long term defoaming. Better compatibility than Airase® 5100
Airase® 5100 SSDL The strongest defoamer of the SSDL series. Formulated for high viscous and highly filled formulations
Airase® 5355 Siloxane A siloxane based grind stage defoamer with broad food contact compliances
Airase® 5655 Siloxane A siloxane based letdown stage defoamer with broad food contact compliances
Airase® 8070 Siloxane A proprietary formulated modified siloxane deaerator for airless/airmix applications
Surfynol® DF-62 Siloxane A shear stable defoamer with balance of fast foam knockdown and persistancy
Surfynol® DF-58 Siloxane A shear stable defoamer for strong foam control in industrial coatings
Surfynol® DF-695 Siloxane A silicone emulsion defoamer for pigment grinds
Surfynol® DF-37 Organic oil A formulated organic defoamer for both macrofoam and microfoam control
Surfynol® DF-220 Organic oil A very shear stable, oil based defoamer
Airase® 4500 Organic oil An organic oil defoamer with global food contact approval (mineral oil free)
Airase® 4655 Organic oil A more compatible organic oil defoamer for direct food contact (mineral oil free)




Surfynol®, Airase®

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Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey

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