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Recycl-IN rPP/rHDPE

Product description

INEOS' Recyl-IN product line includes rPP and rHDPE containing different percentages of post-consumer material. The product family INEOS Recyl-IN is suitable for a wide range of injection and blow moulding applications

Benefits and Features:

- Its specific formulation based on percentages of post-consumer material, virgin resin and booster, allows an improvement of the mechanical properties of the material.

- INEOS Recyl-IN products guarantee high mechanical performance and chemical resistance.

- Granule "ready-to-use", can be used without add any additives or virgin granules.

- High rigidity, good impact resistance and low deformation.

- High resistance to environmental stress cracking (ESCR).




Recycl-IN rPP/rHDPE

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Austria Belgium
Bulgaria Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic
France Germany
Greece Hungary
Italy Luxembourg
Macedonia Netherlands
Poland Portugal
Romania Serbia
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