Eltex® / Eltex® Superstress™

Product description

Ineos offers a wide range of high value polyethylene solutions for pressure and non-pressure pipe applications.

Starting with PE80, P100 & PE100-RC Compounds for transport of water and gas which are available in black, yellow and blue colours. These state of the art grades are widely known for their excellent creep resistance, stress cracking resistance and a very good processability.

The innovative PE100-RC grades offer unique step-out resistance to stress cracking. This aids in the installation of pipes under extreme conditions such as no dig techniques or sandless trench installation.

The portfolio also combines a number of grades for hot & cold water applications like floor heating pipes. In this field grades come as a PE80 or PE100, depending on the endcustomer's needs with a high temperature resistance.

All in all, the TUB-HDPE Portfolio combines properties like:

- Creep resistance and long term strength

- Stress cracking resistance

- Rapid crack propagation resistance

- Very smooth processability

- Improved resistance to temperature

For a variety of applications, like:

- Drinking water pressure pipes

- Gas pipes

- Fitting, accessories

- Casing

- Jacketing

- Industrial

- Sewage & drainage

- Floor&wall heating and cooling pipes




Eltex® / Eltex® Superstress™

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