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Composites & Tooling

On this page, you will find current information on our products and market news for fibre composites, model and mould making.

With our technical competence and close relationships with well-known suppliers, we will find the right product for you. Depending on the application, we advise and guide you right from the first idea through to series production. Our technical sales teams are also on-site throughout Europe.

Our Products

Model and Mould Making

Our product portfolio for model and mould making covers a wide range of materials. In addition to extrudable laminating and modelling pastes. On the following pages, you will find an overview of our tool-saving mould construction boards, extremely low-shrink mould resins and other products.


We offer you comprehensive technical support in the production of your fibre composite materials. From the latest, innovative core materials, through standard products, such as fibre reinforcements, gel coats and consumables right through to individually formulated resin systems, we are happy to assist you in choosing the right product.

Adhesives for Composites

For final production many fibre composite materials have to be glued. We offer tailor-made solutions for bonding your composite materials with metals or plastics - sometimes even without the time-consuming preparations.

Hot Topic: SolvaLite® 716 FR

Our choice material to protect electric batteries in BEVs from fire hazards

Syensqo, a global leader in specialty materials, proudly presents SolvaLite® 716 FR, a groundbreaking fast-curing epoxy prepreg system designed to address the critical need for enhanced fire safety in premium battery electric vehicles (BEVs). This innovative material marks a significant leap forward in the automotive sector, specifically crafted to safeguard electric batteries from fire hazards while meeting stringent industry standards.

Unrivaled Flame Retardancy: SolvaLite® 716 FR is engineered to surpass the flame-retardant requirements of premium and super-premium BEVs. With a dry glass transition temperature (Tg) of 145°C (293 °F), this revolutionary material outperforms conventional thermoset prepregs and aluminum in practical UL 2596 flammability tests. At a 2mm wall thickness, it provides superior protection, ensuring passenger safety and sufficient escape time in the event of a thermal runaway.

Versatility Beyond Automotive: While tailored for flame-retardant battery enclosures in the automotive sector, SolvaLite® 716 FR extends its capabilities to a diverse range of applications where fire safety is paramount. The material's adherence to general UL94 V-0 specifications opens up possibilities for its use in various components across industries.

Lightweight Excellence: SolvaLite® 716 FR not only performs in flame retardancy but also offers a significant lightweighting potential compared to traditional solutions. This ensures optimal structural integrity while contributing to enhanced energy efficiency and vehicle performance.

Rapid Cure for Efficient Production: Designed for high-speed manufacturing, SolvaLite® 716 FR offers a press cure time of just eight minutes at 150°C (302°F). Its adaptability to higher temperatures and shorter cycle times aligns with advanced production techniques, such as Syensqo’s proprietary Double Diaphragm Forming (DDF) technology, enabling more efficient and cost-effective production routes.

Tailored Formats for Your Requirements: SolvaLite® 716 FR is available in a carefully curated range of formats and continuous fiber types, catering to the most demanding mechanical requirements. Whether optimizing enclosure volume, minimizing component thicknesses, or increasing volumetric energy density, this material offers tailored solutions to meet diverse your needs.

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