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Under the brand name Indopol® our supplier INEOS offers a broad range of polybutenes (PIB) of various molecular weights.

Polybutenes are clear, water-white and viscous polymerisation products of isobutene and n-butene. They are very resistant to aging or oxidation and electrically non-conductive. In formulations they can improve properties like shear stability, slip and viscosity index.

Due to these properties polybutenes are used in many different products. These include lubricants and greases, adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, plastic films for food contact and cosmetic products.

Product Molecular weight Viscosity
Indopol® L-2 180 3.4 cSt @ 20°C
Indopol® L-3 220 4.4 cSt @ 20°C
Indopol® L-6 280 6.5 cSt @ 40°C
Indopol® L-8 320 15 cSt @ 40°C
Indopol® L-14 370 27 cSt @ 40°C
Indopol® H-7 440 12 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-8 490 15 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-15 570 30 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-25 635 52 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-50 800 108 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-100 910 218 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-300 1300 630 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-1200 2100 2500 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-1500 2200 3050 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-1900 2500 4050 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-2100 2500 4250 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-6000 4200 12200 cSt @ 100°C
Indopol® H-18000 6000 40500 cSt @ 100°C





Country availability

Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey

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