PE-HDPE - High Density Polyethylene

Rigidex® / Eltex® - HDPE

Product description

Rigidex®/ Eltex® is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) with a narrow molecular weight

Distribution. It offers a high rigidity and a low warpage. The INEOS HDPE product family with a MFI from 0,2 up to 31 (g/10min. at 2,16kg) is suitable for a wide range of injection and blow moulding applications in different sectors like rigid packaging or construction areas. It is also applicable for compression moulding and structural foam and sheets.

A certain range of the portfolio is based on a high molecular weight distribution (MWD) which offers an outstanding chemical resistance and is widely used in bigger blown moulded containers like “Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)” for a variety of different chemical liquids. Others are based on a bimodal MWD which meet the high technical requirements of today’s demands like in thin wall applications and enable a very smooth processability.

Moreover the wide range of Caps & Closures sector is being also covered by HDPE from INEOS. Either for industrial or for beverage applications the grades are well equipped by an enormous stress crack resistance and very good organoleptic properties.

Some of the broad Injection moulding portfolio are available with-/out UV stabilizer.

Typical applications

• Small and large seized containers (from a shampoo bottle to a IBC)

• Caps & Closures

• Technical parts

• Bins

• Crates, boxes, household items

• Structural foam

• Sheets & dimpled membranes

Benefits and Features

• High rigidity

• Good impact strength

• Low warpage

• High Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR)

• High chemical resistance




Rigidex® / Eltex® - HDPE

Country availability

Austria Belgium
Bulgaria Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic
France Germany
Greece Hungary
Italy Luxembourg
Macedonia Netherlands
Poland Portugal
Romania Serbia
Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Switzerland

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