Antifog Additives

SaboStab®, SaboFog®


Antifogging agents from SABO are organic compounds which reduce the surface tension of water and thus avoid the formation of droplets on plastic surfaces.

Especially when foils are used for food packaging and agricultural purposes (e.g. greenhouses), condensation and the formation of water droplets can cause serious problems. Antifog additives are surface active substances with calculated migration and are usually added when plastics are processed. Full performance is achieved within a few days.

Under the trade names SaboStab® und SaboFog® a broad range and various chemical classes are available. Amongst these are ethoxylated alkylamines, sorbitan esters, polyglycerol stearates and glycerol sorbitan esters.

Produkt Beschreibung
SaboStab® Ethoxylierte Alkylamine und Sorbitanester für PVC und Polyolefine
SaboFog® Sorbitolester, Polyglyzerinstearate und Glyzerinsorbitolester für alle Arten von Polyethylene




SaboStab®, SaboFog®


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