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The thickening agents in the Crayvallac® range from ARKEMA are specialty derivatives from castor oil, polyamide, polyurea, polyurethane and oxidised polyethylene. These are mostly powders whereas some of the products are also available as preactivated solventbased pastes. Some are solved in specialty solvents to be suitable as a pourable post-add.

These additives provide highly shear thinning properties to solventborne, solventfree and waterbased coatings, paints and adhesives and help to improve in-can stability, antisagging, pumpability and levelling.

Applications for Crayvallac® rheology additives are coatings for marine, automotive, wood, industrial and protective purpose as well as high performance adhesives and sealants.

Product Product form Chemical base
Crayvallac® Antisettle CVP Powder Hydrogenated castor oil (HCO)
Crayvallac® MT Powder Amide modified HCO
Crayvallac® SF Powder Amide modified HCO
Crayvallac® Super Powder Amide
Crayvallac® Ultra Powder Amide
Crayvallac® Extra Powder Amide
Crayvallac® Optima Powder Amide
Crayvallac® LV Powder Amide
Crayvallac® SL Powder Amide
Crayvallac® SLX Powder Amide
Crayvallac® SLT Powder Amide
Crayvallac® 60P Powder Oxidised polethylene
Crayvallac® 60X Paste Oxidised polyethylene
Crayvallac® PA3 pastes Paste Amide
Crayvallac® PA4 pastes Paste Amide
Crayvallac® LA-150 Liquid Polyurea
Crayvallac® LA-250 Liquid Polyurea
Crayvallac® LA-350 Liquid Polyurea





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