PPA - High Performance Polyamide

Zytel® HTN & Frianyl®

Product description

Zytel® HTN is a family of semi-aromatic polyamides that can be divided into the Zytel® HTN "51" to "54" series. Alternatively, Zytel® HTN and Frianyl® from Celanese are also known as polyphthalamide (PPA). The Zytel® HTN and Frianyl® grades are suitable for a range of demanding applications in the automotive, electrical & electronics, and industrial & consumer goods sectors.

To name a few examples: automotive (charge air damper, thermostat housing, water outlet, plug, coil body); Electrical & Electronics (SMT: Surface Mount Compatibility for Connector Applications, Motor Isolation Systems, Switches & Relays, Housings and Transformer Components); Industrial & Consumer Goods: Boiler Inlet and Outlet Nozzles, Steam Irons, Gearbox Housings, Fans and Frame Holders).

Zytel® HTN is available in a variety of forms: unreinforced, glass fibre reinforced, mineral reinforced. Many products are also flame-retardant (halogen-free) and hydrolysis-resistant. Due to the low moisture absorption of PPA, Zytel® HTN maintains its properties excellently with good dimensional stability. Semi-aromatic polyamides have good chemical resistance to many engine and transmission oils as well as fuels, glycols and water. The electrical properties in terms of creep resistance (CTI) and maintaining dielectric strength over a wide temperature range are also excellent.

The unique combination of properties make Zytel® HTN and Frianyl® the ideal candidate not only in the high-temperature range, but also whenever maintaining properties and dimensional stability in humid environments, creep resistance, high chemical resistance or special electrical properties are important.




Zytel® HTN & Frianyl®

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