Polyamide 6.12 (Zytel®, Tynex®)

Zytel®, Tynex®

Product description

Celanese's polyamide grades are known under the brand names Zytel®, Celanyl®, Minlon®, Frianyl®, and Ecomid®. PA6.12 under the brand name Tynex ® is a long chain polyamide polymer with a repeating unit monomer length containing at least 10 carbon atoms.

General properties of Zytel® PA6.12 are flexibility, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stress cracking resistance and a lower permeability to fuels and gases. Components made of Zytel® PA6.12 are used, for example, in the automotive industry such as air brake tubes, fuel lines and sensors.

Compared to other polyamide filaments, Tynex® filaments exhibit a high bending resistance, lower water absorption, higher stiffness in humid conditions and a lower density. Tynex® filaments are primarily used in the cosmetics, dental, paintbrush and technical abrasive industries. The filaments are mainly made of PA 6.12. Examples of applications include filaments for mascara brushes, powder brushes, brushes for applying nail polish, toothbrushes and interdental brushes, filaments for paintbrushes and paint brushes or in technical applications for the abrasive surface treatment of a wide range of materials.

A large number of Tynex® filaments in the field of cosmetic filaments and toothbrush filaments can be applied in food contact applications in accordance with EU Directive 10/2011 and FDA 21 CFR 177.1500. The Tynex® RS product family also offers sustainable alternatives that contain 65% to 100% renewable raw materials. The basis is PA 10.10 and PA 6.10. Castor oil is used here as a sustainable raw material that does not compete with the food value chain.




Zytel®, Tynex®

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