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The portfolio of oleochemicals contains fractionated or distilled natural fatty acids, which are produced in accordance with GMP and HACCP quality regulations. Fatty acids build a base for various applications. The range contains different qualities such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food or technical compliant grades. A kosher and halal compliance can be ensured for the most products.

Possible applications are: personal care and detergents, lubricants, plastics and rubber, textiles auxiliaries, candles, paints and varnishes, print colors and metalworking.

Biesterfeld is member of the RSPO. Please contact us regarding certifications like Mass Balance (MB).

More products available upon request.

TradenameChemical DescriptionCASPackaging
Palmera® A9908Caprylic Acid124-07-2Drums
Palmera® A9910Capric Acid334-48-5Drums
Palmera® A9912Lauric Acid143-07-7Bags
Palmera® A9914Myristic Acid544-63-8Bags
Palmera® A9816Palmitic Acid57-11-4Bags
Palmera® A9818Stearic Acid57-11-4Bags
Palmera® A1813Oleic Acid112-80-1Drums
Palmera® A1818Oleic Acid112-80-1Drums
Palmera® A2290Erucic Acid112-86-7Drums
Palmera® A8522Behenic Acid112-85-6Bags
Palmera® B1802Tripple Pressed Stearic Acid67701-03-5Bags
Palmera® B1802CGStearic Acid67701-03-5Bags
Palmera® B1220Topped Palm Kernel Fatty Acid67701-05-7Drums
Palmera® B1210Distilled Coconut Fatty Acid67701-05-7Drums
Palmera® B1210EDistilled Coconut Fatty Acid67701-05-7Drums
Palmera® B1212EDistilled Coconut Fatty Acid67701-05-7Drums


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