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The portfolio of oleochemicals contains Glycerin in different qualities such as pharma-, cosmetic, or technical grades. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol which is part of all natural fats. It is used as a moisturizer in different applications like cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. The product is listed as a food additive with the number E422.

Possible applications are: personal care and detergents, lubricants, food, feed, plastics and rubber, textiles auxiliaries and paper, paints and varnishes, print colors, agriculture, construction industry and metalworking.

Biesterfeld is a member of the RSPO. Please contact us regarding certifications like Mass Balance (MB).

More grades available upon request.

TradenameChemical DescriptionCASGrade
Palmera® G865VGlycerine 86.5%56-81-5Cosmetic
Palmera® G865EGlycerine 86.5% EP56-81-5EP
Palmera® G995VGlycerine 99.5%56-81-5Cosmetic
Palmera® G995EGlycerine 99.5% EP56-81-5EP


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