Clean label starch & native starch

TradenameDescription & ApplicationProducer
Potato starchNative starch derived from potatoAvebe
Tapioca starchNative starch derived from tapiocaAvebe
Paselli SA2Fat replacer, clean labelAvebe
Paselli WA4Fat replacer, clean labelAvebe
ELIANE™ C 100, C 200, C300ELIANE™: Instant native starchesAvebe
ELIANE™ EZ 100ELIANE™: Instant native starches with high stabilityAvebe
ELIANE™ Gel 100Fat replacer in instant and ready-to-eat convenience productsAvebe
Etenia™ LegatoFat replacer for muffins and pound cakesAvebe
Puramyl™ HFCook-up starch with increased stability compared to native starchAvebe
PerfectabindCook-up starches with high water binding capacity – ideal for meat applicationsAvebe


Potato Starch, Tapioca starch, Paselli, ELIANE™, Etenia™, Puramyl™, Perfectabind

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