Clean label starch & native starch

Product description


Tradename Description & Application Producer
Potato starch Native starch derived from potato Avebe
Tapioca starch Native starch derived from tapioca Avebe
Paselli SA2 Fat replacer, clean label Avebe
Paselli WA4 Fat replacer, clean label Avebe
ELIANE™ C 100, C 200, C300 ELIANE™: Instant native starches Avebe
ELIANE™ EZ 100 ELIANE™: Instant native starches with high stability Avebe
ELIANE™ Gel 100 Fat replacer in instant and ready-to-eat convenience products Avebe
Etenia™ Legato Fat replacer for muffins and pound cakes Avebe
Puramyl™ HF Cook-up starch with increased stability compared to native starch Avebe
Perfectabind Cook-up starches with high water binding capacity – ideal for meat applications Avebe


Potato Starch, Tapioca starch, Paselli, ELIANE™, Etenia™, Puramyl™, Perfectabind

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