Food starch derivatives

Paselli, Granadex, Meritose, Maldex, Glucodry

Product description

Food starch derivatives have versatile applications, for instance as filling material for the improvement of the carrier substance.

TradenameDescription & ApplicationE-Number/Producer
Paselli MDMaltodextrin derived from potatoes with various DE valuesAvebe
Avebe SPGSpray dried glucose syrup derived from potatoes, corn and wheat with various DE valuesAvebe
Granadex M20PMaltodextrin derived from potatoesAvebe
Meritose 200Dextrose derived from corn or wheatTereos
MaldexMaltodextrin derived from cornTereos
GlucodryGlucose syrup in powder form derived from cornTereos


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Paselli, Granadex, Meritose, Maldex, Glucodry

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