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Product description

The Versalink® products from our supplier EVONIK are oligomeric, toxicologically harmless, primary diamine curing agents for use in reactive polyurethane, polyurea and epoxy systems. With these products formulators are able to improve the high temperature performance, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, shrinkage characteristics and the adhesion of the final formulation.

Versalink® P-1000, P-650 and P-250 differ in molecular weight. By mixing the desired end properties can be achieved. Versalink® 740M is FDA approved for contact with direct dry-food.

Typical applications are casting compounds, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, sealants and polyurea spray systems.

Besides amine chain extenders we also offer amine catalysts, metal catalysts, silicone surfactants, color pastes and other performance additives from EVONIK for PUR formulations.





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