Sitren AirVoid®

Product description

The Sitren AirVoid® product group of our supplier EVONIK also contains some products for airentrainment in cementious products.

Airentrainers are primarily tensides. With these, air content and air void distribution can be controlled in the final product, which improves the manual processing (flow, pumpability) and the final properties (especially frost resistance) of the construction products.

Our product range includes both liquid additives for concrete admixtures as well as powdered additives for use in dry mortars (mineral plasters, fillers, masonry and base coat mortars).

Product Chemistry Recommended use level (%)
Sitren AirVoid® 601 Mixture of anionic surfactants 0.01-0.5 on cement
Sitren AirVoid® 651 Amphoteric surfactants 0.01-0.5 to dry mortar




Sitren AirVoid®

Country availability

Austria, Germany, Russia, Switzerland

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Marica Djonovic  BSC

Supply Chain Specialist

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