GPPS - General Purpose Polystyrene

Product description

GPPS - General Purpose polystyrene resins are transparent polymers resulting from the polymerization of Styrene Monomer. GP Polystyrene can be used for both injection moulding and extrusion applications. GPPS benefits from the easy processing characteristics as well as various certifications such as food contact in accordance to EU Directive 10/2011 and in certain cases UL 94 HB.


• Thin wall packaging

• Extrusion Foamed packaging

• POS Display stands

• Disposable housewares and cutlery

• Sorting boxes

• Blending with HIPS for FFS thermoforming

• XPS Insulation

• Medical labware and utensils

• BOPS Sheet

• Blending with SBC for transparent impact applications

Benefits and features:

• Excellent flow properties

• High heat resistance

• High molecular weight

• High transparency

• Ease of processing

• Low shrinkage

• Very low moisture absorption



Country availability

Albania Algeria
Andorra Armenia
Austria Belarus
Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil Bulgaria
Croatia Czech Republic
Denmark Egypt
Estonia Faroes
Finland France
Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland
Ireland Israel
Italy Latvia
Liechtenstein Lithuania
Macedonia Malta
Monaco Morocco
Netherlands Norway
Poland Portugal
Romania Russia
San Marino Serbia
Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden
Switzerland Tunisia
Turkey Ukraine
United Arab Emirates United Kingdom
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