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Shrinkage reducing agents such as the Sitren® products from EVONIK can reduce the volume reduction over time of cementitious products. In practice plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage can occur. The additives improve wetting of the cement grains and promote a fine air void distribution which reduces the degree of both effects.

Among the additives are products based on glycol ethers or modified polyethers. The latest generations are very low in VOC content, so they fulfill the requirements of the Emicode EC-1 plus regulation.

Our product range includes both liquid additives for concrete admixtures as well as powdered additives for use in dry mortars (repair mortars, tile adhesives, levelling compounds, grouts or renders).

Product Chemistry Recommended use Level (%)
Sitren® SRA P 260 Mod. polyether on inorg. carrier 0.2-2.0 on dry mortar
Sitren® PSR 105 Mod. glycol on inorg. carrier 0.5-2.5 on dry mortar
Sitren® SRA L 210 Modified polyether 0.5-3.0





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