Water Repellents

Sitren® P & Tegosivin®

Product description

The water repellents Sitren® P and Tegosivin® from EVONIK are silane and/or siloxane based additives for a wide range of construction products.

Water (in form of ascending moisture or splash water) can have a very negative effect on mechanical properties, appearance and durability of construction products. A good hydrophobicity reduces water uptake and water transport in the end product. In addition, hydrophobic surfaces show a much lower dirt uptake by the so-called beading effect.

Our program includes powdered products for dry mortars (repair mortars, tile adhesives, grouts, levelling compounds or renders) as well as liquid products for concrete admixtures.

Product Chemistry Use level (%)
Sitren® P 730 Organosiloxane 0.2-1.0 on dry mortar
Sitren® P 750 Modified silane/siloxane 0.2-0.5 on dry mortar
Tegosivin® HE 328 50% silane/siloxane Emulsion 0.1-1.0
Tegosivin® CA 801 Alkoxyfunctional silane (100% Active) 0.05-0.5
Tegosivin® CA 880 60% silane emulsion 0.1-1.0




Sitren® P & Tegosivin®

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Product Overview - Evonik - Admix Additives
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Product Overview - Evonik - Drymix Additives
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