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Product description

The flow additives offered by ARKEMA under the trade name Crayvallac® are based on polyester and acrylic polymers. They vary in amount and type of solvent content and in polarity. Thus there are products available for various solventborne systems, but also for aqueous formulations.

Levelling agents help improving and controlling the quality of paint surfaces. This is achieved by removing surface defects, but also by a better wetting, deaeration and defoaming.

The Crayvallac® products are used in many formulations such as automotive coatings, coil coatings, industrial coatings and wood coatings.

Product Chemistry Description
Crayvallac® Flow-100 Polyacrylate (solvent free) Improves surface aspect in solventborne acrylic, PU and EP coatings
Crayvallac® Flow-200 Polyester (solvent free) Improves substrate wetting and surface aspect in PU and polyester coatings
Crayvallac® A-620-A2 Polyacrylate in solvent Improves surface aspect in solventborne acrylic and PU coatings
Crayvallac® A-2201-M Polyacrylate in solvent Air release properties. Mainly used in solventborne acrylic and PU coatings
Crayvallac® A-2678-M Polyacrylate in water and glycol Suitable for waterborne acrylic and epoxy coatings, with substrate and pigment wetting properties





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