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GENU® Pectins are polysaccharides derived from naturally occurring structural components in fruits and vegetables. Pectin is well known by consumers and accepted as label friendly.

GENU® Pectin is first and foremost a gelling agent and is used to give a gelled texture to products, mainly fruit-based foods such as jams, jellies and marmalades. GENU® Pectins are finding increasing use, particularly as gelling agents, but also as viscosity builders, protective colloids and stabilizers in a variety of consumer, food and beverage products.

CP Kelco is a world-leading producer and supplier of pectin derived from citrus peels for the food industry. Different pectin types are available, mainly varying in the degree of esterification (DE):

TradenameDescription & ApplicationE-Number
GENU® Pectins HMHigh methylester (HM) pectin, DE >50, forms gels and structured liquids under conditions of low pH and low water activity (for example at high concentrations of sugar, sorbitol or glycerol)E440a
GENU® Pectins LMCLow methylester conventional (LM) pectin, DE <50, forms gels in the presence of divalent cations, such as calcium and magnesiumE440
GENU® Pectins LMALow methylester amidated (LM) pectin, DE <50, forms gels in the presence of divalent cations, such as calcium and magnesium. Amidation step increases gel strength and stability of low sugar gelsE440
GENU® Explorer PectinsSpecial low methylester (LM) pectin, DE <50, for low/no sugar spreads with new/improved textures, creamy mouthfeel and reduced syneresisE440
SLENDID®SLENDID® is a patented, specialty tailor-made pectin as a fat replacer. It can also function as a thickener, stabilizer and gelling agent in a wide range of productsE440
GENU® BETA pectinGENU® BETA pectin is a high ester pectin extracted from sugar beet pulp. It provides stable oil-in water emulsions and keeps pulp particles in suspensionE440


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