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GENU® Carrageenan products are a family of sulphated polysaccharides extracted from certain species of red seaweed.

GENU® Carrageenan has an established position within the food industry as a high-quality uniform gelling and texturizing agent. Key application areas for GENU Carrageenan include dairy systems, beverages, vegetarian foods, meat and poultry products and water jellies.

CP Kelco is one of the leading Carrageenan producers in the world.

TradenameDescription & ApplicationE-Number
GENUGEL®Gelling of water and meat applicationsE407
GENULACTA®Stabilizer for milk applicationsE407
GENU® PLUSWater binding in marinated meat and poultryE407
GENU® TexturizerBlends of carrageenan and other hydrocolloids & semi-refined carrageenanE407
GENUTINE®Gelatin alternativesE407
GENUVISCO® Used as thickening, stabilizing, gelling and texturizing agentsE407


Genu® Hi-pHive, Genugel®, Genulacta®, Genu® Plus 100, Genu® Texturizer, Genutine®, Genuvisco®

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