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Biesterfeld Polybass S.p.A. was established in Milan in 1997 through the joint venture between Polybass S.r.l. and Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH of Hamburg, two historical companies united by a long tradition of seriousness and reliability.

Biesterfeld Polybass S.p.A. distributes thermoplastic materials and thermosetting elastomers of the world's leading manufacturers and offers a full range of high quality products. In 2011 Biesterfeld Polychem S.r.l. was established in agreement with Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH, and distributes specialty chemicals and raw materials for the food and nutritional industry in Italy, collaborating with leading manufacturers worldwide. 

Entrepreneurial culture, synergy and innovation are key features of Biesterfeld Polybass S.p.A. and Biesterfeld Polychem S.r.l. Read more about Biesterfeld in Italy: History of Biesterfeld Polybass and Biesterfeld Polychem


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