NUTRAVA™ Citrus Fiber

Product description

NUTRAVA™ is a patented highly functional Citrus Fiber. Contrary to other citrus fibers that are produced from the waste of pectin production, NUTRAVA™ is produced from fresh citrus peels.

The result is a sustainable „clean label“ stabilizer with a high functionality.


• Replacement of starch and hydrocolloids in condiment products (sauces, dips, etc. )

• Replacement of pectin in fruit preparations

• Stability and mouthfeel in fruit beverages

• High water binding in meat- and bakery products

TradenameDescription and applicationE-Number / producer
NUTRAVA™ peakSpecially designed for condiments (Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Dressing, Soups and Sauces)
„Clean label“ & „easy label“ – Replacement of stabiliser blends
Good flavor release & Enzym stable
-/CP Kelco
NUTRAVA™ zestStability and mouthfeel in fruit beverages
Easy-to-use (no presolution, hot/cold soluble, pH-stable)
-/CP Kelco
NUTRAVA™ boostHigh water binding in meat- and bakery products-/CP Kelco
NUTRAVA™ frutaClean label stabilizer for yoghurt fruit preparations
Easy-to-use and highly process stable (low pH, high shear)
Good mouthfeel in final yoghurt – different textures possible
-/CP Kelco

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Czech RepublicEstonia
Bernd Fischer

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Bernd Fischer

Business Manager Nutrition

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