Fatty Amide

Product description

Fatty Amides are nonionic surfactants. They are suitable for applications in detergents and personal care products due to their foam-boosting and thickening properties. The product range is anticorrosive and anti-static.

Tradename Chemical Description CAS Remarks
AMIDET® B-112 Cocamide DEA 68603-42-9 Liquid, active ~ 100%
AMIDET® A-111-P Cocamide MEA 68140-00-1 Solid, active ~ 100%
AMIDET® A-15 Trideceth-2 Carboxamide MEA 107628-04-6 Liquid, active ~ 97%
AMIDET® N Rapeseedamide PEG-4 85536-23-8 Liquid, active ~ 95%
AMIDET® A/17 PEG-5 Cocamide 107628-04-6 Liquid, active ~ 100%
AMIDET® A/18 Cocamide PEG-6 61791-08-0 Liquid, active ~ 100%



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