PP - Polypropylene Powders

Eltex® P

Product description

The Eltex® P grade range of polypropylene consists of highly specialized pure and unstabilized free-flowing powders. The spherical morphology and narrow particle size distribution of Eltex® P powder grades lead to excellent mixing behaviour with additives, fillers and colour concentrates.

The powder does not only allow customers to produce best-in-class masterbatches and compounds, but they are also perfectly suited to their end applications.

For example, there are grades for film applications with low fish-eye content and grades with suitable flow characteristics for efficient injection molding.

Typical applications includes

- Compounds

- Fiber Masterbatches

- Film Masterbatches

- Sheet Masterbatches

Benefits & Features

- Excellent mixing behaviour with additives

- Free flowing powder

- Low fish-eye content

- Narrow particle size distribution

- Spherical morphology

- Unstabilized




Eltex® P

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