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DCMU is a selective herbicide of the arylurea class that is a very specific and sensitive inhibitor of photosynthesis. In 1954 it was introduced by Bayer under the trading name Diuron. It is used for the protection of sugarcane, cereal, cotton cultivation, viticulture and fruit trees. Furthermore, Diuron can also be used as a total and semi total herbicide in combination with other herbicides. It is available in various formulations.

Formulation: Packaging:
Diuron 50 % WP 200 l pails
Diuron 80 % WP 200 l pails
Diuron 80 % WG 200 l pails
Diuron 50 % SC 200 l pails
Diuron 80 % SC 200 l pails
Diuron Tech. 98 % 200 l pails
Diuron 800 g/l SC 20 l pails

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