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DOW Silicones (formerly Dow Corning) delivers a wide variety of silicone-based polymers for diverse solutions in electric, electronic and energy applications. DOWSIL™ and SYLGARD™ silicone gels are a special class of encapsulants that cure to an extremely soft material. Gels cure in place to form cushioning, self-healing, resilient materials. Cured silicone gels retain much of the stress relief and self-healing qualities of a liquid while providing the dimensional stability of an elastomer. Typically, gels are used to protect circuits from the harmful effects of moisture and other contaminants and provide electrical insulation for high voltages. Another key characteristic of most gels is a naturally tacky surface after cure. This natural adhesion allows gels to gain mechanical adhesion to most common surfaces without the need for primers. The tacky nature also results in the unique ability to re-heal if the cured gel has been torn or cut. The ability of re-healing permits the use of test probes directly through the gel for circuit testing.

Standard DOWSIL™ and SYLGARD™ silicone gels are used for sealing and protecting (by coating, encapsulating or potting) various electronic devices, especially those with delicate components, from thermal and/or mechanical shock and for providing vibration dampening.

ProductViscosity [mPas]Penetration [1/10 mm]Cure Time (Pot Life)   
DOWSIL™ 3-4118 Gel7,00011060 min @125 °C (30 min) 
DOWSIL™ 3-4133 Dielectric Gel450104 min @100 °C, 1.6 min @150 °C (6 h) 
DOWSIL™ 3-4150 Dielectric Gel470503 h @80 °C, 1.75 h @100 °C (6 min) 
DOWSIL™ 3-4170 Dielectric Gel460659 min @100 °C, 3 min @150°C (> 24 h) 
DOWSIL™ EG-3000 silicone gel2,3006060 min @150 °C (8 h) 
SYLGARD™ 3-6636 Silicone Dielectric Gel3,300553 h @70 °C, 45 min @100 °C (< 10 min) 
SYLGARD™ 517 Dielectric Gel Kit450454h @65°C, 1h @100°C, 15 min@150 °C (2h) 
SYLGARD™ 527 Silicone Dielectric Gel460-3.5 h @100 °C, 35 min @150 °C (2 h) 
SYLGARD™ 537 Dielectric Gel3602060 min @120 °C 





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Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine

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