Peel Plies

Release Ply, Bleeder Lease®, Econoply, Econostitch®, Release Ease®, Dahltexx®

Product description

Peel plies from our supplier Airtech are auxiliaries applied by vacuum infusion technology to obtain a product with a smooth inner surface. After curing of the resin, the peel ply is removed to obtain the matte fine structure of the fabric. The use of peel plies eliminates surface treatment in the form of grinding and degreasing before gluing.

Release Ply seriesPeel ply made of nylon or polyester with various surface weights for temperatures up to 232 °C
Bleeder Lease® seriesPeel ply made of nylon, glass fibre and polyester with a silicone release coating, available in various weights up to an application temperature of 427 °C
Econoply seriesThermo-fixed polyester peel ply, leaves a structured surface after tearing
Econostitch® seriesNylon and polyester peel ply with striking black identification thread, for use on polyester and epoxy resins
Release Ease® seriesPeel ply made of glass fibre with PTFE release coating, suitable for temperatures around 288 °C
Dahltexx® seriesSemipermeable fabric for use in vacuum technology




Release Ply, Bleeder Lease®, Econoply, Econostitch®, Release Ease®, Dahltexx®

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Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

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Dr. Johannes Martin

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