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RenPaste®, Ren®

Product description

Modelling pastes RenPaste™ from OBO-Werke (master distributor Huntsman Advanced Materials) are extrudable two-component pastes for hand or machine application. After curing, the paste can be processed with CNC machines based on CAD data. It is a homogeneous material, so no joints or cavities are visible after milling. For this reason, modelling pastes are ideal for the production of master models and moulds. The pastes can be used for hand laminating to produce designs, modify or repair existing shapes and patterns.

Pastes for machine application are used for the production of seamless plugs and models, as well as the production of short production moulds.

A-component B-component Application
RenPaste™ resin XD 4601-1 RenPaste™ hardener XD 4601-1 Styling model
RenPaste™ resin SV 4503-1 Ren™ hardener SV 4503-1 Styling model, master model, moulds
RenPaste™ resin 4666 Ren™ hardener 4666 Styling model, master model, moulds
RenPaste™ resin SV 427-2 Ren™ hardener HV 427-1 Room temperature curing, general alteration or repair of models and patterns
RenPaste™ resin SV 36 Ren™ hardener HV 36 No pin-holes, easy manual application, layer thickness up to 40 mm, light models, patterns and repairs




RenPaste®, Ren®

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