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Mairol green & red

As ideal fertilizers, Mairol green and red combine the most beneficial chemical composition with the most effective physical properties. Foliar application with Mairol promotes healthy and vigorous plant growth which offers resistance against diseases and adverse climatic influences. It accelerates complete recovery of the vegetative balance of such plants which have suffered from heavy pests or other devastating damages.

The foliar fertilizers Mairol green and red represent a quick-acting and reliable remedy even against serious deficiency symptoms; they regulate the nutritional requirements and biological functions and drastically favour harmonious development of all plants.

Systematic and repeated application is essential in order to enhance healthy plant balance and to fight deficiencies which are likely to reoccur when foliar fertilization is discontinued. A well fed plant is the best insurance against deficiency and crop disease. Yields are increased, the number of harvests can be raised e. g. from twice a year to three times a year, crop quality is improved and maturity is accelerated to a remarkable extent. Various field trials have proved the high efficiency and are available on request.

Mairol green and red are crystallized foliar fertilizers, completely and quickly soluble in water. Because of their different chemical composition they fill the nutrient requirements of all plants at every stage of growth. Combinations of Mairol green and red permit perfect adjustment of the nutrient supply in accordance with crop requirements and local conditions. In view of its harmonious composition and its relatively high nitrogen content, Mairol is primarily designed to promote healthy, vigorous plant growth at the early stage of vegetation. Between the late period of plant growth and the early stage of flower and fruit development, when the first bloom buds become visible, a combination of equal parts of Mairol green and red should be applied to encourage flower and fruit formation.

As soon as the plants have reached a more advanced stage and commence to produce flowers and fruits, use Mairol red which contains little nitrogen but much phosphoric acid and still more potash thus stimulating an early maturity and increased yields of exceptional quality and properties.

This procedure ensures the development of strong and healthy plants during the entire period of cultivation followed by an accelerated and abundant harvest.


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