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For the production of high-quality dietary supplements or other nutraceuticals, we offer Standardized Natural Extracts from the manufacturer Bio-gen Extracts. These GMO-free extracts are obtained from natural, mostly plant-based raw materials. They have a defined concentration of desired substances, which can have different positive effects on the well-being. The products are suitable for various nutraceutical applications and dosage forms, e.g. for capsules, tablets, sachets or other foods and beverages.

Below you will find our focus products. Please contact us for more information regarding dosage forms and concentrations. Upon request, we can provide additional extracts from Bio-gen Extracts.

You will also find further raw materials that we offer for the dietary supplement sector in our attached Nutraceutical Portfolio.

Extract Description
Lutein & Zeaxanthin From Marigold (Tagetes erecta), free lutein or lutein ester available
Beetroot Extract Standardized on 6% nitrates for improved blood flow, suitable for Sports Nutrition
Beta-Carotene From Blakeslea trispora, cold water dispersible
MCT Powder Medium chain triglycerides solely from virgin coconut oil, high C8 content for energy production, suitable for keto diet
Fenugreek Extract Debitterized & defatted, high fiber and protein content, suitable for weight management
Nigella Sativa Extract From black seeds, standardized on thymoquinone
Garlic Extract Standardized on 2% alliin, masked garlic taste and odor
Algal DHA Vegan & vegetarian DHA omega-3 source from algae, masked smell and taste
Astaxanthin From Haematococcus pluvialis


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